Ambassador Stories

Hear out our Happy Ambassadors who are part of the movement! Thousands of sales professionals worldwide work with UrbanDart and enjoy fresh perspectives and new learnings.

Being a management student, it is important for me to get the experience of live projects. UrbanDart has changed my way of seeing such opportunities which knock at my door. We cannot achieve anything big until we try or prepare

Mohit, India

Financially I've had a huge growth after joining UrbanDart. A specific part-time income has been generated which has been a great help to me. To be frank, I had put in an hour or two for 2-3 days to generate an income of Rs.10,000. I’m sure if I give ample of time working as a freelancer on UrbanDart, I can earn more than my direct income.

Vineet, India

I have seen a positive change in my personality after working for different campaigns and not only I have become more confident in cracking deals, I have enjoyed myself being a great influencer.

Gagan, India

Sales was my phobia, but when I got to know about UrbanDart, it was like an opportunity knocking at the door. Today I am confident in sales and marketing in offline market

Dhaval, India

I never knew there could be an earning opportunity like this. Who doesn't like earning extra money!

Rajesh, India

It has been an amazing experience. First of all the idea of UrbanDart is unique and very helpful for people who are in need of a job. UrbanDart deserves to be more recognised

Kashyap, India

I believe no one has even introduced a concept like UrbanDart till now. Its very unique and a good example of making wise use of digital media.

Karan, India

Infact, I have spread the word of UrbanDart among my peers and colleagues who are looking for such opportunities

Shital, India

I’ve earned a good amount of money from UrbanDart. This concept is something that people are happy to be a part of.

Akshan, India

I’ve worked with many companies previously in sales background. But, those companies never gave a quick and apt response. But I never a totally different experience with UrbanDart. UrbanDart provides easy to understand information, quick responses and they are always ready to help Ambassadors.

Johnson, India

I'm happy working with UrbanDart. The payout is very good. Infact, I am looking forward to work more with UrbanDart

Pranay, India

I have a lot of experience working in the e-commerce industry, but I’ve never seen a platform like UrbanDart before. My experience with UrbanDart has been great so far. I’d suggest new ambassadors to give it a try working with UrbanDart. You won’t regret it.

Ghanshyam, India

UrbanDart is a really good platform to generate extra income. I have had an amazing experience working with UrbanDart. I hope it spreads more so that many deserving people can avail this opportunity.

Jeetu, India

It was nice to work with UrbanDart. UrbanDart’s backend team was very supportive and always responded whenever I had queries. They made my work simpler, hence my experience was overall good.

Megha, India

UrbanDart’s concept is revolutionary. I’ve already had experience on sales. But working through the App is something I’ve never done throughout my work experience. We can work on various products and once we step into the market, there’s a lot of opportunity waiting for us.

Kiran, India

It has been a great experience. The work is good and I don’t think there is such a platform anywhere else in India. I’ve also been provided training whenever I have queries and UrbanDart ensures that ambassador’s doubts are cleared so I am quite happy with that.

Gowthaman, India

My experience with UrbanDart so far has been good. The team is very helpful and responsive which makes it easier for me to work. I’d advice new ambassadors to be competitive and aggressive so that they can perform well and earn more from UrbanDart.

Amruth, India

I'd advice new Ambassadors to work more so that they can earn more. The more time you spend working on UrbanDart's campaigns, you earn a good amount of money. My market rapport has witnessed growth since I've started talking to many prospects and I get to learn a lot as well.

Vinamra, India

Flexibility of time is why I agreed to work on UrbanDart. I’d advice new ambassadors to work on Campaigns in which they have good contacts. Having contacts helps in converting deals easily.

Buvan, India

If ambassadors are looking for an opportunity to earn more, then this is a great platform for it. Don’t miss it!

Shrikant, India

I’m not tech savvy hence was cautious while joining UrbanDart. But I’ve started my earnings and this has motivated me to increase my payout as well. Never knew I could earn through this small device called the mobile!

Subhendra, India

The experience was really good. I have spent only an hour on the conversions I’ve got till now. My sales and marketing skills have improved a lot.

Jamal, India

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