Crafting modern omnichannel experiences for your retail brand.

Unleash the full potential of Ecommerce & Retail with our AI-powered platform.
Our software suite creates a truly omni-channel experience that is beautiful & seamless across all touchpoints so that your customers shop with you how and when they want.
Built by passionate technologists, developers, and designers, we believe that innovation comes when creativity, tech and strategy come together.

Experience the power of connected commerce.

  • All-in-One Dashboard
    Effortlessly manage your orders and catalog with UrbanDart's comprehensive platform, designed for streamlined business operations.
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  • QR Experience
    Revolutionize Retail with our QR - Instant Ordering, Educate Customers on Products, Offers, all while saving on staffing costs.
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  • POS Re-imagined
    Our Modern Point of Sale does more than usual billing: Digital Invoicing and Easy Payment for a sleek checkout experience.
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  • Self-Serve Kiosk
    Discover products, Enjoy Self-Serve Checkout, and skip the lines for a Smoother, Faster Fhopping Experience.
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  • Ecommerce
    Scale your online store effortlessly and watch your overall sales soar beyond the storefront.
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  • Supercharge your Retail
    UrbanDart serves all, from cozy boutiques to large chains, with deep API integration for your existing tools.
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We're honored to work with some of the most respected brands in the world.
What we offer.
We bundle together powerful AI-powered software, sales channels along with a suite of business applications that help businesses to build, manage, optimize & grow like never before.
Craft your beautiful online store and custom app. Tailored for retail, D2C & B2B brands loaded with features for your industry.
Backend Dashboard
Streamline your business with a dashboard that simplifies orders, inventory, analytics, and customer management.
QR Experience
Revolutionize Retail Experience with immersive experience with QR - Product Discovery, Instant Ordering, Payments, Offers and more.
Marketing Suite
Boost sales with specialized solutions designed to engage and retain customers through loyalty programs, subscriptions, automation, & targeted messaging.
Point of Sale
A modern & easy to use POS that streamlines your checkout with digital invoicing and convenient payment options
Self-Serve Kiosk
Empower customers with quick, automated ordering — transforming your service experience.

Every Reason to Power your Business with UrbanDart.

Your Ecommerce Partner

Urbandart is an all-in-one cloud based platform that can be accessed anywhere on any device. Our engineering first approach delivers stunning, high performing and functional commerce experiences. We offer customizations, consulting and marketing services tailored to your brand's requirements.

End-End Digitization

Customers aren't on one channel. Meet your customers where they are. Blur the line between online & offline with a fully connected digital omni-channel platform.

Loaded with Features!

Take orders in-store or online, fulfil them, accept payments, expand your reach via new channels, implement marketing campaigns. And, did we mention that customer service is our secret sauce?

For your Staff

Give Superpowers to your team. Our easy to use AI based dashboard streamlines your business - manages fulfilment, optimizes operations & automates recurring tasks. Get access to real-time reports & intelligent insights. Happy Staff = Happy Customers.

Everything you need.

Truly Omnichannel.

Provide your customers with a seamless and consistent shopping experience. Spoil them with multiple ordering and shipping options
Website & Mobile
Take direct orders from your website. Save on commissions.
Order & Pickup
Online ordering with swift pickup options.
Local Delivery
Express delivery, direct from your site.
Courier Delivery
Receive & ship your orders world-wide.
Social Media Shopping
Shop and order within social media channels.
Phone Orders
Provide customers the flexibility to order on phone.
Experience the Power of Technology
Why Seamless Commerce?

Ecommerce for Retail is Broken. Brands are facing a critical challenge: a disconnected shopping experience between online & stores for their customers. Platforms like Shopify aren’t designed for retail stores...

Built for all Businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out or a small business or big chain or have a D2C brand, we make easy to run your ecommerce business.
Online Brands
D2C Brands Beauty Fashion Electronics Digital Goods Event Tickets Car Electronics Home
Restaurants Bars & Breweries Cafes Quick Serve Ghost Kitchens Bakeries Hotel Room Service
Fashion Jewelery Footwear Boutiques Supermarkets Electronics Vehicle Showrooms Toys Accessories
Manufacturers Distributors Resellers Social Influencers
Service Industry
Beauty Salons Spas Repairs Laundry Cleaning Religious Movers & Packers

How it works.

Demo & Requirements

Experience our solution firsthand and share your business needs, so we can tailor a perfect fit.


We will setup your account step-by-step, making sure the transition is seamless and fully aligned with your business goals.

Implementation & Success

As you integrate our solution into your daily operations, our experts will be close at hand, ready to assist and ensure everything runs like clockwork.


You're never alone with our hands-on support. Whether you need technical help or advice on making the most of our platform, we're here for you every step of the way.

What our Clients are Saying.

Trusted by 500+ top businesses.
Restaurant: A receipe for culinary success
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The proof is our customer success.


Ownership of guest data


Avg. Increase in Order Value


Avg. Increase in Customer Engagement

Build your Online Ecommerce Store.

Create an ecommerce experience that's as unique as your brand, designed to delight and built to convert.
Easy to use. Setup & Integrations.
World-class Ecommerce Experience
Friendly Support & Staff Training.
Loaded with Features. Truly Omni-channel.
Best in-class Features.
Beautiful & Functional
Customized high-converting website and app crated for your unique brand.
Branded & Customized Mobile Friendly Built-in SEO AI Powered Fast Simple Checkout High Conversion Payment Gateway Integration B2B Setup
Powerful Backend
Manage your products, orders, customers with ease. Streamline your operations.
SKU Management Multi-Channel Sync Inventory Tracking Bulk Uploads Shipping Integrations Suppliers Multi-warehouse Reseller
Truly Omnichannel
Our platform's design supports a truly omnichannel experience, providing seamless and flexible shopping across all touchpoints & a variety of shipping methods.
Multi-Platform Sync Local Pickup Options Hyperlocal Delivery Courier Integration Shipping Integrations Single Catalog
Marketing Tools
Enhance customer engagement and boost sales. Unlock your brand’s full potential with our suite of marketing tools.
Third Party Integrations Loyalty Program Upsells & Bundles Discount Coupons Email Marketing Integration Abandoned Cart Recovery
Analytics & Insights
Gain valuable insights into your business performance with detailed analytics
Analytics Integrations Sales Reporting Customer Behavior Analysis Inventory Reports Conversion Rate Tracking
Third Party Integrations
Our APIs allow connections with third party marketplaces, ERPs, and payment gateways that help you streamline business at one place.
Shipping & Delivery Hyperlocal Delivery Payment Gateway Marketing Tools ERPs Marketplaces

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Your all-in-one backend to manage your business.

Streamline ops & manage complexity with our dashboard that streamlines your business's heartbeat – from order flow to in-depth analytics.
Modern. Reliable. Easy to use.
One place for Catalog & Order Management
Friendly Support & Staff Training.
Fully Streamlined Operations.
Best in-class Features.
Catalog Management
Effortlessly update and manage your product listings at one place that syncs across channels.
Product Listings Bulk Editing Category Management Pricing Adjustments Image Editing SEO Management Inventory Mangement
Order Management
Oversee the entire order process, from placement to fulfillment, ensuring a seamless operation.
Order Tracking Status Updates Fulfilment Processing Returns Handling Payment Reconciliation Shipping Integration Pre-Ordering
Full Control of Settings
Maintain full control over your all channel functionalities and user experiences.
Theme Settings Feature Toggles Domain Management Team Management Checkout Customization Shipping Settings Workflows
Streamlined Operations
Simplify day-to-day tasks with tools designed to streamline your business workflows.
Task Automation Inventory Sync Channel Management Supplier Coordination Workflow Customization Third Party Integrations
Analytics & Reporting
Gain critical insights with advanced reporting on sales, customer behavior, and more..
Sales Trends Owner App Customer Analytics Revenue Analysis Conversion Rate Tracking
Payments & Sales Channels
Enhance your sales with a variety of channels and streamline payments for maximized efficiency.
Multichannel Sales Invoice Generation Payment Gateway Integration Discount & Promo Tax Calcuations Financial Reporting

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Transform Retail and InStore Shopping Experience with QR.

Did you know that the “QR” stands for “Quick Response”?
Revolutionize customer experience and service with the simplicity of a scan from a mobile phone. QR offers endless possibilities. Offer a convenient way for customers to order, collect feedback and access information about products and services beyond what is available in-store.
Cost-effective. Easy Implementation
Streamlined Ordering & Payments
Product Discovery & Promotions
Customer Feedback & Service
Best in-class Features.
Digital Menu & Ordering
Revolutionize table service with direct QR ordering, cutting wait times and boosting turnover.
Digital Menu Direct Ordering Beautiful Layouts Direct-to-Kitchen Orders Accept Payments Service Optimization Inventory Sync Measure results
In-Depth Product Details
Empower your customers with immediate product details, usage videos, offers, recommendations and reviews through a simple scan.
Detailed Descriptions Video Demos Customer Reviews Easy Access QR Beyond Store Products Immersive Experience
Endless Possibilities
QR codes enable immediate communication between brands and their customers. QR codes have taken the shopping experience to the next level.
Ordering Menu Customer Feedback Product Details Personlized Offers Brand Loyalty After-sales Service
Feedback & Loyalty
Foster engagement and collect valuable customer feedback with QR prompts for reviews and loyalty program sign-ups.
Instant Feedback Collection Loyalty Sign-up Customer Retention Personalisation Rewards & Offers Customer Engagement

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Amplify Engagement. Build Stronger Relationships. Drive Profits.

Your greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the one one! From automated campaigns to personalized customer journeys, harness the full potential of our Marketing Suite to drive traffic, build loyalty, and track your success—all through an integrated omni-channel CRM platform.
Drive Sales. Increase Profits
Personalized Campaigns & Engagement
Enhanced Customer Loyalty
Integrated CRM Insights
Best in-class Features.
Smart Campaigns
Launch targeted email, WhatsApp & text campaigns that resonate with your audience and keep them engaged with third-party integrations.
Personalized Targeting SMS Campaigns WhatsApp Campaigns Cart Recovery Engagement Analytics
Loyalty, Subscriptions & Memberships
Cultivate lasting connections and encourage repeat business with our relationship builder tools.
Loyalty & Rewards Prime-style Memberships Membership Tiers Birthday Wishes Segmentation Product Subscriptions
Marketing Automations
Set and forget marketing automations that welcome, remind, and recover, giving you more time to run your business.
Welcome Series Abandoned Cart Reminders Recurring Offers Success Tracking Personlized Offers
Third-party Integrations
Export data from our CRM platform to understand customer behavior and tailor your campaigns for maximum effect.
Custom Integrations Automations Purchase Histories Multi-Channel Sales Sync Excel Downloads

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Introducing a modern POS system that grows with you.

A truly omni-channel POS billing software that is simple to use, works on all hardware, designed for speed and specialized for your industry.
Easy to Use. Modern & intuitive.
Personalized support with migration & setup
Multi-store & Omni-channel
Customer Support is our secret sauce
Best in-class Features.
Fast & Easy to Use
Our POS system is designed for speed and simplicity. Get your business rolling with quick, intuitive setup—efficiently handling transactions, even offline, on any device.
Cloud based POS Works offline Modern Interface Quick Setup Secure Works on any hardware
Everything at one place
Our all-in-one POS keeps your business operations smooth and integrated. Effortlessly manage orders, inventory, and payments while providing stellar customer experience.
Order Handling Multichannel Multiloaction Inventory Payment Links Team Management Custom Invoices
Loyalty & Memberships
Foster customer loyalty with a POS that understands the value of repeat business. Our system simplifies creating tiered memberships and tracking rewards, making every transaction an opportunity for customer appreciation.
Loyalty & Rewards Prime-style Memberships Membership Tiers Phone Orders Segmentation Product Subscriptions
Analytics & Reporting
Monitor sales trends and customer habits to identify opportunities for growth and refine your strategies for increased revenue and conversion.
Sales Trends Owner App Customer Analytics Revenue Analysis Conversion Rate Tracking Segmentation Cost Management

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Transform your store with interactive and user-friendly terminals

Revolutionize your retail experience with our self-service kiosks! They're not just user-friendly—they're your ticket to happier customers and smoother operations, paving the way for growth in the digital age.
Quick, Hassle-Free Checkout
Efficient Ordering & Reduced Queues
Savings on Staff Costs
Integrated with POS & Fulfilment
Best in-class Features.
Interactive Interface & Browsing
Our software makes shopping engaging with easy-to-use screens. Customers can smoothly browse and select products.
Intuitive Touchscreen Navigation High-contrast Quick Setup Customizable interface Connects to POS
Easy Checkout
Speed up checkouts with a quick shopping experience and accepting various digital payments securely, making every transaction seamless.
Secure Payments Seamless Ordering Digital Receipts Printable Invoices Instant Processing Loyalty Integration
Content & Customization
Customize your shopping with our software. Enjoy tailored promotions and adjust orders to your preference.
Promotional Content Personalized Recommendations Post-order Flow Seasonal campaigns Custom Workflows Beautiful Themes
New Possibilities
Use kiosks beyond ordering for customer feedback, detailed product information, advertising, social media signups.
Analytics & Insights Customer feedback Ordering Product Details Videos Service & Assistance

Nothing compares to UrbanDart and the capabilities it has. My customers and staff, both love it!


Our Thesis

Why Seamless commerce?

Retail has changed. It’s no longer about having an online store or a physical shop – it’s about combining both to meet customers wherever they are. While platforms like Shopify and Wix kicked off the online store trend, and traditional POS systems have been managing sales in physical stores, neither is fully equipped to handle both worlds together.
Brands like Apple, Ikea, Decathlon, Walmart, Puma, Pizza Hut, Nykaa, PepperFry, LensKart, Sephora and CaratLane has successfully implemented omni-channel experiences. For Walmart, this move saw a 22% increase in sales in 2022. Using customer data from both online and offline sources to personalize marketing messages and provide product recommendations has also led to 15% increase in sales for Walmart.