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Fully Managed Sales

Hire a vetted on-demand sales team.

We understand growth focussed companies.

UrbanDart provides managed sales services to businesses. We help hire top vetted sales professionals across the world. Our sales service combined with our technology, distribution layer, data helps us sell products better & faster.

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UrbanDart Advantages

Access Top Vetted Talent

Quick go to Market

Scale across Cities

Managed Quality Work

We scout, vet, train the right people for you who will bring in profitable saales. Our strategy experience combined with technology ensure the highest level of efficiency, quality & savings.

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Services we provide

  •       Sales - Feet on street
  •       Marketing & Promotions
  •       Tele-Sales & Lead Generation
  •       Social Media Influencers

We deliver tangible results

Powered by tech at every layer

Our Happy Clients


The team at UrbanDart is very efficient and productive. They have dealt with business challenges we presented in a mature and innovative way. When given the right input, they are a work horse.


Working with UrbanDart was a real pleasure. The team is very reliable, builds trust early. UrbanDart has been a big difference in how we've managed to setup our business at Swiggy at great speed without having to hire a large internal team.


I absolutely loved the concept of an on-demand sales force which requires minimal hand-holding. The idea that the sincere ones from the pool of sales hackers eventually become ambassadors of the platform was a huge motivation for us to sign-up with UrbanDart.


UrbanDart is an innovative and out-of-the-box sales solution which will place you way ahead of not just your peers but also your industry leaders. I believe that UrbanDart can be prove to beneficial for most organizations looking to scale up sales efforts quickly.


It was super easy to work with UrbanDart and to scale our operations for India launch. The UrbanDart team is always on top of things to monitor quality work. Supply or Demand, UrbanDart is the best one-stop solution.


After working with UrbanDart, we'ev realized that a flexible external sales team adds soo much agility to an organisation to experiment with new ideas and also to scale up. Working with UrbanDart has made our life easier. We had a great experience with UrbanDart.

Your business works differently with UrbanDart

We'd love to be a part of your growth story!

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