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Acquire New Customers
Your On-Demand Sales Force
We give companies the flexibility to adjust their sales force based on their needs and help them expand locally or internationally. We will scout and vet the right people for you. We want to make real-people campaigns as easy as digital campaigns.
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Acquire Customers Faster

Shorten time to sell. Consultants will bring in profitable sales. Pay on commission basis. Get your campaigns up & running.

Access Top Vetted Talent

Access to the best vetted sales team from prestigious institutions who undergo training & certification before they start working.

Pay per Performance

No Costs. Risk Free. Avoid high cost of in-house team. Bypass the risk of hiring under-performers.
Hire the top 4%. All professionals are vetted, with deep expertise and wide-ranging industry experience.

Test a new Market

Conduct market trials anywhere in the world. Instant activation of sales force at the click of a button. Turn off the campaign when done.

Bring in the Right Expertise

We bring diverse sales force. Find Salesforce who specialize in a function, product, geography or a vertical market.

No Hiring & Firing

Hiring, firing, training, up-front costs, under-performers are a thing of the past. Now, onboard a team at a tap.
Automated, Intelligent, Intuitive
The Technology
We're a technology company with a deep understanding of Sales and Marketing. We believe technology can make a big difference to sales and marketing.
Track & measure Results. Real-time reporting & Insights
Start, stop, pause, test. Easy to create local & global campaigns
Solutions to reach the right audience by location or industry
We can help you with
Direct Sales
Online Sales
User Onboarding
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Mobile Apps
SaaS & Software
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How it works

Create your Campaign

Add information on what you are selling. Add a quiz. Add target customer, locations & a budget. You are ready to go live.

Consultants Work for You

Thousands of vetted consultants take campaign quiz and those who qualify start working for your campaign.

Boost your growth

You pay only on a sale. Track results with our real-time reporting. You will be notified once a deal is closed and a request for approval is sent.

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Why UrbanDart?
What's your team's ROI?
No Fixed Salary
No Bonus
No Office & Desk Costs
No Holiday Costs
No Pension
No CRM Software Costs
No Manager Cost
No Training
No Hiring & Firing
Your Time Minimal Full-Time
UrbanDart connects businesses with on-demand freelance sales professionals anywhere in the world. Be it scaling your business or launching in a new location. Turn on your sales & marketing team at the tap of a button. We onboard the top 4% of local talent worldwide. Ambassadors undergo training to become brand ambassadors for your business
Most of the companies who sign up with us are startups which are looking to grow quickly with almost no risk. If you are business looking for high-growth, quick customer acquisition, UrbanDart is for you. We work with young growth focussed startups, mid-sized companies to corporate powerhouses across the globe. Our Ambassadors can help you with a broad domain expertise and both online and offline products. UrbanDart is a great solution to tap in to business networks of thousands of sales professionals to sell your product.
We give companies the flexibility to adjust their sales force based on their needs and help them expand locally or internationally. Because turning on real-people campaigns should be as easy as digital campaigns! Enter new markets with the help of people who already understand key players, demographics, issues, competitors, culture and opportunities.
  • Acquire Customers Faster.
  • You pay only on conversion after approval.
  • Access tp Top Vetted Talent in your city.
  • Avoid high cost of in-house team. Bypass the risk of hiring under-performers.
  • Test a new Market or launch a new market.
  • Tap into business network of thousands of freelancers.
  • No Hiring, No firing, No training, No up-front costs.
UrbanDart on-boards the very best of sales talent who can not only represent your brand but bring profitable customers for you. All the ambassadors go through our rigorous screening process and tests to identify the best. Once on-boarded ambassadors are required to complete courses on basis of sales and marketing before they can start working for you. Ambassadors also go through training for your product/company before meeting potential customers. We ensure your product is represented the right way to your customers. You also have options to filter ambassadors based on skill set/experience/rating. You pay only on conversion after you approve the deal.
We offer real time reporting and insights on our platform. You will have access to all the deals which are in the pipeline, closed deals, who your top performers are, the average time to close a deal, sales by territory and more.
  1. Join and create your campaign.
  2. Ambassador start working for you.
  3. Acquire new customers and boost your sales.
You pay only on Conversion. Conversion can be defined by you and what is relevant to your product and business. Here are typical conversions our clients use:
  • A Lead
  • A Sale
  • A Lead converting to a Sale
  • An app install
  • Customer Signup on your product
  • Collecting customer information
  • Introducing your product

Or anything else that is relevant to your business or product.
Contact us at hi@urbandart.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Over 150+ world's top brands have expressed interest to use UrbanDart.

Just last week, 65 businsses got started with UrbanDart!
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