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New clients discovered us via connect & pay on time. Messaging is super cool. I estimate that we have saved 30% in time & 25% in costs!

Gopi Krishna, CommonDoor

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We identify and onboard products that are recommended by other startups like yours. All products complete multiple reference checks to make sure they are great.

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We help your startup save money by negotiating discount pricing from leading suppliers. Thanks to our large membership you have access to the same pricing as the largest companies.


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Signup now and you will get 6 months premium subscription for free. Your account manager will get in touch with you regarding second year payment plan.

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We are currently in private beta and are rolling out hundreds of invites on a first come first served based on your business category & city.

Can I get more information on this?

Yes, you can reach out to us via email or call us on +91 8000 637 637

Do I get a membership card?

Yes. We will ship it to your address onec your account is live.

Is my data private?

Yes! Data is safe with us & you own the data.

Is there an app I could download?

We do not have an app. However, we have a PWA app that can be added to your phone and functions just like an app. Please click here and follow the instructions.

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