Namra Deka - Shopify

Namra Deka from Shopify shares his experience of working with UrbanDart

Namra Deka is the Partner Manager for Shopify South Asia and has worked with UrbanDart. Namra has extensive experience in the internet industry and is incredibly Skilled at Partner Management and customer relationship management. Continue reading →

Vaibhav Sisinty

Tête-à-tête with Vaibhav Sisinty, Marketing Manager at Uber

UrbanDart has run campaigns for Uber in India and we have worked closely with Vaibhav Sisinty on for the success of these campaigns. Vaibhav leads Marketing and Partnerships for Uber in the Andhra and Telangana regions in India. He also spearheads Uber’s India Expansion and has helped them grow in other cities. Continue reading →

TinMen Founder Mukesh Manda

Mukesh Manda, co-founder of TinMen shares his UrbanDart Experience

TinMen is a Hyderabad based startup which delivers fresh, affordable, healthy and simple home cooked food to offices.  It delivers home cooked lunches straight from the kitchens of home chefs for as low as Rs.75! They call themselves a modern, technology dependent version of the Dabbawala system. The TinMen app also comes with a snazzy inbuilt meal scheduler which allows you to create weekly or monthly meal plans solving your food woes. It doesn’t get any better than this! Continue reading →