Rahm Shastry DriveU

“A salesperson must always put himself in the customer’s shoes” – Rahm Shastry

Bangalore to the Silicon Valley and back. Rahm Shastry’s journey is intriguing. Rahm, the CEO of DriveU founded the company in mid 2015. He specializes in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and has a proven track record of leading EDA companies to profitability and successful exits. Rahm’s grit, passion and dedication towards making his ideas work are commendable and inspiring .

DriveU aims to provide on-demand driver solutions to private-owned vehicle owners, who have largely been ignored in the sharing economy frenzy. With DriveU, you don’t need to deal with a full-time driver and his absences. Instead, you can hire a part-time driver-on-demand at an affordable cost.

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Siddharth UpGrad

“Sales just happened in my life, like how love happens – Unpredictable” – Siddharth Maheshwari

How does someone go from being a Political Consultant to being Director of Sales at an EdTech startup? Meet Siddharth Maheshwari, Director of sales at UpGrad. UpGrad provides online education programs co-developed by industry experts to help working professionals stay sharp. Siddharth’s passion for EdTech and sales becomes apparent the moment you start speaking to him about work. An innovator at heart, Siddharth’s meticulous data driven and customer oriented approach towards sales seems to be doing wonders for UpGrad.

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Jatin Malwal - LendBox

“Sales and marketing should always be in a closed loop with business analytics” – Jatin Malwal

Jatin Malwal is the Co-founder of Lendbox, a India’s premier peer-to-peer lending platform. From being an android developer to now being on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Jatin’s journey inspired and energized us. His story is proof that success is a result of what you do and not where you come from. Continue reading →

Swati Bhargava - CashKaro

“It’s important to always tell people why their work matters”

When you startup, you are the first salesperson of the company. Meet Swati Bhargava. Swati co-founded CashKaro with her husband in 2013 and it’s now backed by Ratan Tata and Kalaari Capital. CashKaro provides customers with cash-backs over and above existing coupons & discounts. Hailing from a modest family in Ambala, Swati is a rare combination of beauty and brains. Her undeniable mathematical abilities, sword sharp wit and exemplary foresight are just some of her many alluring traits. She charmed us with her warm and friendly personality and we bet she will charm you too! Continue reading →