Rohan UrbanDart Ambassador

“I now make money out of doing something I love in my free time”

A people’s person at heart, Rohan joined UrbanDart as an Ambassador this March to pursue his passion for sales. Rohan holds an MBA from ICFAI Business School and it is no surprise that his favorite subjects at business school were Sales and Marketing. Rohan has worked with companies such as IBots, Café 6 Pointer, Myles etc. providing them with online and offline marketing solutions. Rohan is a district level table tennis player and enjoys playing his guitar and exploring new places.


Tell us a little bit about your experience with UrbanDart so far

My experience with UrbanDart so far has been quite amazing. The ground work that the team did with me prior to starting the actual sales was superbly meticulous. Once I registered, I promptly received a phone call and was quickly on boarded within 48 hours. The sales training material was comprehensive and interesting. The best part of the whole experience though, has been the sense of accomplishment I feel each time I close a sale. Closing sales deals has been smooth and hassle free with UrbanDart’s assistance. I was elated when I received my first pay cheque. Doing freelance sales with UrbanDart has now become a steady source of secondary income for me . I now make money out of doing something I love in my free time.


How did you hear about UrbanDart?

I heard a friend of mine talking about UrbanDart with her colleagues. Being able to work part-time with all the flexibility and still doing what you love to do was what attracted me the most. Sales comes naturally to me and this was a perfect fit. Not only do I earn income, but working for various innovative brands so early in my career is what I find very exciting.


UrbanDart has now become a steady source of secondary income for me . I now make money out of doing something I love in my free time.


What advice would you give a new ambassador?

UrbanDart is a fantastic platform to learn and brush up your sales skills related to a variety of domains. Even if you are just starting out in sales, UrbanDart is a great place to begin and learn. The training material is top notch, very simple and the team is always available to provide assistance. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help and take on the challenging campaigns.


Tell us about a situation in life when you handled a rejection

Rejection is a big part of sales. For every deal that is closed, sales professionals face numerous unanswered calls and emails. Learning to handle rejection is as important as knowing how to close a deal. I worked incredibly hard for a year for a promotion in my last organisation but did not get promoted at the end of the year. Although I was demotivated at first, I worked harder and got promoted the next year. Passion outlasts all else.


Don’t be afraid to take on the challenging campaigns. Team UrbanDart is always around to provide assistance.


Who is your role model and why?

My role model is my father. My father runs a successful business that he started from scratch. I have seen a lot of business men neglect their personal lives and health in the process of running their companies. My father however, has been able to strike a brilliant balance between his personal and professional lives. I have looked up to him every day of my life and hope to be like him someday.


Which campaigns do you recommend to first time ambassadors?

Amazon, Uber, Runnr, TinMen campaigns are a great way to get started. Like I said earlier, the best way to get started is to talk to the UrbanDart team on chat or phone and hustle with dedication for 2-5 days until you get a hang of things. Anything new takes a little bit of effort.


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