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Naveen Vunnam, CEO of ILIOS Power shares his experience of working with UrbanDart

ILIOS Power is one of India’s fastest growing Solar Energy Companies. ILIOS Power is listed as one of Top 15 Solar EPC companies in India and Top 5 in South India. They offer affordable and world-class solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. ILIOS is at the forefront of solar technology innovation and they aim to make solar more efficient with their proprietary machine learning and analytics tools. Since its inception in 2010, ILIOS Power has grown to become a trusted Solar EPC known for its quality, innovation & flawless execution. With a team size of 85, ILIOS Power has commissioned 70 MW Solar power plants and manages 95 MW Solar assets. Their impressive clientele includes top names such as SBI, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Cybercity Builders, My Home Group, PWC, DLF, Sagitaur Ventures, KRK Power & Think Energy Partners.

Naveen Vunnam, the Founder & CEO of ILIOS Power embraced entrepreneurship a decade ago and has not looked back since. An alumni of IIT Madras, his tryst with energy began when he joined Bharat Petroleum. Naveen has a vast experience in handling petroleum products and alternative fuels and was instrumental in acquiring one of India’s first Geothermal Energy Licenses for power production in the state of Andhra Pradesh through NEDCAP for Ilios Power. Naveen’s passion and relentless dedication towards building a cleaner environment are inspiring and exemplary. He managed to convince us that solar is the way to go and we bet he will convince you too.

Team UrbanDart has worked closely with Naveen on multiple campaigns and here is what he had to say about his experience of working with us.


Tell us a little bit about your background. Where do you come from and what did you study?

I am an engineer turned Entrepreneur fortunate enough to be able to contribute my share to India’s newly laid ambitious road map in Renewable Energy. I come from a modest Indian middle-class family. My father, an Engineer, fueled my passion for Math & Physics at an early age leading me to IIT Madras. Armed with a degree Civil Engineering, I set out on a journey in the corporate world and entrepreneurship. India’s ambitious push for renewable energy opened an opportunity for me to start my own Solar Engineering Company in 2011. Last month marked 10 years in Entrepreneurship for me.


You have a lot of responsibility at Ilios. What does a typical day at Ilios look like for you?

Like anybody else, for me running the business is nothing less than surfing a tide. You need to be steady through the highs and lows. I am grateful to the almighty to have given me a wonderful family and an excellent group of co-workers who give me immense support. A typical day at ILIOS starts with shaping the future business, navigates through managing current business operations and ends with bringing new business. While shaping the future and bringing new business is very important for sustenance, mismanaging current business can prove to be fatal. So, all three have equal weight on any typical day.

We are pleasantly surprised at the reach UrbanDart has given us which is difficult for any organization

How and why did you get started with UrbanDart? Tell us your reasons for choosing UrbanDart

I saw a few notes published by ambassadors and clients of UrbanDart on social media and inquired about it. UrbanDart is a platform where technology is being put to make a sale. We are pleasantly surprised at the reach UrbanDart has given us which is difficult for any organization unless one develops a strong dealer network or marketing agent network. Such networks are usually the prerogative of the megaliths of the industry. Entrepreneurs can dream of having a marketing campaign with an unlimited reach with Urban Dart and hence we were keen on working with UrbanDart.


What advice would you give a new ambassador who is interested in working for your campaign?

The ambassadors are entrepreneurs themselves. I have seen a few who have acquired knowledge equivalent to our in-house Business Development personnel in a very short duration of time. Sectoral knowledge if gained quickly can help the ambassador ask the right questions thereby generating a sure shot lead. So, the better you know the sector the better you can sell.

Running the business is nothing less than surfing a tide

How has your experience been with UrbanDart been so far?

Surprising is the word. UrbanDart has provided us a great reach and has allowed us to tap into a fantastic network of sales professionals in a never seen way. The possibilities are infinite.


What do you think is the most important trait in a sales person?

I believe that a salesperson should not just sell. He should for the few minutes of the interaction enter the shoes of the customer and understand the customers needs. When a customer buys a product, he/she places trust in the salespersons integrity and honesty. So, becoming a trusted associate is an essential part of being a good salesperson.

Once you gain experience and knowledge, money and success will follow

What’s your best career advice for young people today?

Experience will take you places. For the first few years of your career, work for the sake of experience. Gather in-depth knowledge and not superficial information in any sector you work in. Once you gain experience and knowledge, money and success will follow. All you need is strong will, energy, focus & patience.


If someone called you and asked you,”Why should I partner with UrbanDart”. What would you tell them?

I believe that UrbanDart can be prove to beneficial for most organizations looking to scale up sales efforts quickly. With UrbanDart, you experience the power of technology coupled with a very large sales network. A lot of companies experiment with traditional modes of lead generation but not all of them work all the time. UrbanDart is an innovative and out-of-the-box sales solution which will place you way ahead of not just your peers but also your industry leaders.

UrbanDart is an innovative and out-of-the-box sales solution which will place you way ahead of not just your peers but also your industry leaders.

OK, last question: tell us three fun facts about you?

  • I dreamt of winning the Nobel Prize in physics when I was preparing for the IIT JEE.
  • I like powerful cars but I have not bought one yet as they are fuel inefficient. I will wait for Tesla.
  • I have always been a nature lover. You can call it serendipity, I am now harnessing nature power and doing my bit to save the environment by helping people go solar.

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