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Namra Deka from Shopify shares his experience of working with UrbanDart

Namra Deka is the Partner Manager for Shopify South Asia and has worked with UrbanDart. Namra has extensive experience in the internet industry and is incredibly Skilled at Partner Management and customer relationship management.

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales. With a mission to make commerce better for everyone, Shopify currently powers over 375,000 retailers in 100 different countries, including: Tesla Motors, Gatorade, Forbes, Amnesty International, Encyclopedia Britannica, Maxim Magazine, CrossFit, Black Milk Clothing, Herschel Supply Co., and many more.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Namra’s tasteful sense of humor does exactly that for Shopify. We believe that he can crack up the most serious of the lots with his witty one-liners and can make tough work days seem lighter and brighter. Here is what he has to say about his experience of working with UrbanDart.


Tell us a little bit about your background. Where do you come from and what did you study?

I did my engineering followed by business studies. I was in a boarding school since the 4th grade. It was a beautiful school amidst the tea gardens of Assam which is where I hail from. After that, I spent some time in Hyderabad and Kolkata for higher studies and work. Now, I am based out of Bangalore and I am working towards building a world-class ecosystem of partners who can help entrepreneurs succeed with their aspirations. Prior to joining Shopify, I worked with a few internet companies followed by a couple of startups. My last stint was with a startup in the retail segment in India. We were trying to build a consumer brand in the fresh bottled beverages space. I got to experience the real challenges of starting from scratch for the very first time. In fact, each one of my past work experiences have taught me a lot and I understand the familiar challenges in our realm.

Each one of my past work experiences have taught me a lot and I understand the familiar challenges in our realm


You have a lot of responsibility at Shopify, what does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day at Shopify, I reach out to high potential partners who may possibly add value to our ecosystem. I ensure that partner businesses succeed and that the delivering merchant is successful.


I absolutely loved the concept of an on-demand sales force which requires minimal hand-holding

How and why did you get started with UrbanDart?

I absolutely loved the concept of an on-demand sales force which requires minimal hand-holding. The idea that the sincere ones from the pool of sales hackers eventually become ambassadors of the platform was a huge motivation for us to sign-up with UrbanDart.


What advice would you give a new ambassador who is interested in working for your campaign?

I would say DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is the mantra. It is something we value very much at Shopify. So, an ambassador is expected to go through our tutorials, etc. to ensure that he/she feels well equipped to ask the right questions so that we can guide the ambassadors further. You only learn when you think for yourself and ask the right questions.


How has your experience been with UrbanDart been so far?

It has been good so far, we are expecting more conversions. The start has been good nonetheless. The core team at UrbanDart surely has the right approach in mind – it is about smart execution now.


Persistence, especially in a market like India

What do you think is the most important trait in a sales person?

Persistence, especially in a market like India.


What’s your best career advice for young people today?

Sincerity and the willingness to learn day in day out at work go a long way!


If someone called you and asked you,” Why should I partner with UrbanDart”. What would you tell them?

UrbanDart has a lean model in place to experiment with. UrbanDart will be great for you to test waters in certain cities / towns where in-house presence isn’t available.


OK, last question: tell us three fun facts about you?

  • I love watching documentaries on conspiracy theories
  • I love continental food
  • I play golf

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