Rahm Shastry DriveU

“A salesperson must always put himself in the customer’s shoes” – Rahm Shastry

Bangalore to the Silicon Valley and back. Rahm Shastry’s journey is intriguing. Rahm, the CEO of DriveU founded the company in mid 2015. He specializes in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and has a proven track record of leading EDA companies to profitability and successful exits. Rahm’s grit, passion and dedication towards making his ideas work are commendable and inspiring .

DriveU aims to provide on-demand driver solutions to private-owned vehicle owners, who have largely been ignored in the sharing economy frenzy. With DriveU, you don’t need to deal with a full-time driver and his absences. Instead, you can hire a part-time driver-on-demand at an affordable cost.

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