10 Reasons why every Sales & Marketing Professional should Freelance at UrbanDart

The heart of a business’ success lies in its marketing. Businesses are  on the lookout for the best human capital to promote and sell their goods and services not just digitally but also with a human touch. The new-age companies are innovating like never before and are primarily growth focussed. These companies leave no stone unturned to get to their consumer. Businesses are moving towards the idea of outsourcing their sales to a huge On-Demand Freelance Sales Team which helps them not only save fixed costs but helps them expand quickly to various geographies tapping into the best talent in each city.

Some of the most successful brands like Amazon, Google, Flipkart, Uber have a digital affiliate program which bring them new customers everyday. An affiliate team is equivalent to having a team which is working for your success on a commission basis. Now in the era of smartphones, UrbanDart makes this possible for any business to have an army of sales & marketing consultants to work for the growth and success of their brand. UrbanDart makes on-field marketing as simple as digital marketing. 

We at UrbanDart have been consistently matching extraordinary sales & marketing professionals with the right companies, taking advantage of the smartphone revolution. Companies add a marketing campaign, choose a location, our app matches freelancers with the right sales assignments from top companies in the world. It’s an all new way to work whenever and wherever you want.

Here are 10 reasons why every Sales & Marketing Professional should sign up and freelance at UrbanDart:


1. If you are Good at something Never do it for Free

Money comes when you do what you are good at and work hard at it -

Are you awesome at sales and marketing and would love to utilize your skills to the maximum potential? Freelancing at UrbanDart is for you. Earn on every referral/recommendation/sale you make. Satya says “I was outdated with technology advancements in Sales and Marketing. I was introduced to UrbanDart by a friend and this is turning out to be a game changer for me personally”.


2. Mingle with the Best in the Industry

Many love to work for some of the best companies out there. At UrbanDart, the biggest brand names are on-board. Express interest to work for the campaign, once approved you get to represent.
Our smart algorithm pops up the best and most potential clients on your smartphone. No more wading through large lists and worrying about what to choose. Our app on your smartphone trains you and provides you with all the knowledge you require before you face a client. These are in the form of short write-ups about the company, product, pitches, video tutorials and courses. Sign up to check it out yourself how easy it is.


3. Freedom & Flexibility

You work as a freelancer. You work when you want, wherever you want. Iterate, improvise and push beyond client expectations. Our technology has enabled a digital nomad lifestyle that lets our ambassadors create their own financial freedom sitting out of Arizona or Mumbai or Hanoi. The choice is yours!

Smith, an active ambassador on UrbanDart, says, “Here at UrbanDart, I can finally be me and chose to work for the products I can actually relate to! And I also get to work while traveling!”


4. Additional Income

A lot of our ambassadors have a paying job. They have several reasons to earn a little more, be it the new EMI they signed up for, or treating themselves with a fancy automobile or saving a bit more for their children. Our ambassadors are mavericks who choose to utilise their knowledge and get paid premium amounts for it. Earning more money for an awesome lifestyle which you always dreamt of is now easier with UrbanDart within your skill-set.


5. Enabled by Technology

UrbanDart Mobile App - Android and iOS

UrbanDart’s smart technology matches some of the best companies with the right talent. So that you can relax and find your freelance assignment on your smartphone. You can download our Android app or iOS app and get started.


6. Seamless Payments

Our streamlined payment process ensure that you receive payments on-time without any delay directly to your bank account. For those with an existing job and do not prefer bank payments, you can redeem for gift cards. Reena says “I was so surprised to see how smooth deposits where when I saw my first payment in my bank statement”.


7. In-House Mentoring & Coaching

The people at UrbanDart are always around to help you reach your maximum potential and earn the best out of the projects that you have chosen. This is possible through the in-house mentoring & coaching sessions that we hold for our ambassadors on a regular basis and provide the much needed advice and learning for your career growth.
Nikhil looks forward to his one-on-one sessions with his marketing mentor at UrbanDart. “There is always something new that I learn in each call to my mentor. Absolutely essential in terms of motivation and guidance.”


8. Grow Professionally

It never is all about money. We truly believe in helping ambassadors fill up any skill set gap they have in doing their job. Our university gives you access to hundreds of courses to help develop professional and personal development of an individual. Courses related to Basic Sales Strategies, Marketing, Technology and Communication are examples of courses. It’s like attending university right on your smartphone.
Dolores, a freelancer deeply interested in expanding her knowledge claims, “The courses are amazing! They are simple, short and to the point. They helped me grow as a professional and I can already see major changes in my approach toward my work.”


9. Full time Job Offers

The game’s changed! You get to choose your client, deliver awesome work and then probably be offered a full time position with his company. Now, how cool is that? Work with many clients, develop a niche and accept an offer from one of them. UrbanDart will be your ideal companion for you to get noticed and landing that job you have always longed for!


10. Experience Joy

Love your Sales Job -


UrbanDart aims to achieve ambassador satisfaction be it the quality of work or the remuneration which goes with it. We only recruit the top 4% of sales professionals who go through our screening and you get to be a part of the elite group. You can have a portfolio of products/services you work on and you set your targets and goals yourself. You can leverage your contacts and take freelancing to new heights without any restrictions. Now, who doesn’t like extra cash in the bank!

Ryan is ecstatic about his earning last month. He quips “I was not much of a freelancing fan. I thought it only worked for a mighty few. But UrbanDart has proven me wrong. I have successfully achieved 40% increase in my personal income over the last 3 months!”

Do you need any more reasons to join UrbanDart? Join your ambassadors today to lead a much more fulfilling professional and personal life!


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